🍼Vision and Roadmap

Our vision extends far beyond the creation of a token; it encompasses the transformation of tokenomics itself. We envision a future where tokens are not only tradable assets but also vehicles for positive change. Our roadmap outlines key milestones that will drive us towards this vision:

  • Phase 1 - Foundation: Launch of Baby Busd Token, establishment of liquidity, and deployment of security measures.

  • Phase 2 - Community Growth: Introduction of staking mechanisms, dynamic presale, and engagement initiatives to foster a robust community.

  • Phase 3 - Impact Initiatives: Implementation of mindful welfare initiatives, channeling a portion of our resources towards causes that align with our values.

  • Phase 4 - Governance and Expansion: Rollout of the governance model, enabling the community to actively shape the direction of the project. Exploration of partnerships and integrations to expand our ecosystem's reach.

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